Better Marketing

Design, Digital & Social Marketing

U.P. Marketing Department’s principals are highly educated, experienced marketing professionals who have many years experience working in various aspects of marketing: design, digital, advertising, photo, and strategy. We understand the concerns and challenges associated with fluctuating revenues.

We have worked in marketing communications, website design and development, and advertising. We work and live in the U.P.

Our passion is marketing and teaching. We have professional marketing skills, with the heart of a teacher. We provide a well-balanced approach to marketing and marketing communications. The flavor of our creative direction is simple, yet elegant. Our brand messages are powerful and meaningful. Our analytical skills (the science of marketing) are well blended with our creativity (the art of marketing).

U.P. Marketing Department is the most sophisticated marketing communications company in the Upper Peninsula. We are ahead-of-the-curve with interactive media, SEO strategies, and copy writing and creative compared to other service providers in the U.P. market.

Here is a photography sample of Dina Mia lasagna. Photography Samples