Get Better Marketing

U. P. Marketing Department

It is easy to work with us. We work right beside you to achieve your marketing objectives. Our goal is incremental sales for your organization. Period. That's our focus.

Most people will hire an accountant for accounting tasks. Most people will hire a lawyer for legal work. Most people will hire a mechanic for auto repair work. Most people will hire a skilled contractor to build a home. Most people try to do marketing work without any specialized training or skill.

How does it work? Well, the first thing is to contact us. We will meet with you to identify your marketing goals and objectives. Then, you hire us just like you hire your accountant or your lawyer.

We work as an outside contractor, and we usually are much less expensive than if you hire an in-house marketing manager. We work as an extension of your business—your outside marketing department service.

We deal with all aspects of your marketing. Meet with and deflect advertising sales reps, create and build your website (and maintain it too), design all of your marketing communications and printed matter, develop and implement social media campaigns, and any other task associated with marketing. We are your marketing partner.

Contact us here to obtain a no-obligation, free marketing analysis. You will be glad you did.

Here is a sample glossy print advertisement. Sample Glossy Print Design