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5 Challenges to Growing Your Small Business

Growing Pains can be Overcome with Strategic Planning

Some small businesses want to stay small. Some businesses want to grow. Here are five growth challenges small businesses may be facing: (1) changing regulation, (2) founder dependence, (3) becoming overwhelmed by growth, (4) customer service failures, and (5) cash flow issues. Small business owners can overcome these growth ... more

Shoe-leather Marketing Research for Small Businesses

Easy Cost-Effective Marketing Research Tactics to Make Better Business Decisions

The term big data is one of those phrases that we are hearing much about. Big data helps corporations make better decisions on advertising, product offerings, hiring practices and much more. Using data helps managers make better business decisions. Entrepreneurs can make better decisions using data as well and it doesn't have to more...

Billboard Advertising is Good, until it is Badvertising

Small Business Owners Can Effectively Use Billboards to Build Brands and Increase Revenue with a Simple Design Formula

I am a big fan of outdoor billboard advertising: you cannot avoid it, you cannot turn it off, you cannot change the channel, and you cannot mute it. But, you certainly can design it to become ineffective, unless you follow a few simple . . .more