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After 20 years working in marketing, we're ready to reveal all the insider secrets to you so you can have big sales increases for your business.

We've got insider marketing tips and resources to help you succeed. We are marketing professionals with many years of actual, real-world, marketing experience in various industries. We have created advertising campaigns, brand identities, and responsive websites for some of the best companies. Marketing is our profession and our passion. We've been paid by some of the best companies to design marketing strategies and develop marketing tactics designed to generate top-line sale growth.

We've placed advertisements in just about every type of medium, and generated PR strategies to compliment most marketing communications. Multiple times.

We've worked to improve the top-line revenues in the casino industry, hospitality industry, hardware goods industry, service industry, and consumer food industries. We can help you grow your top-line revenue with a cost efficient, effective strategy and sound marketing tactics. You can receive a free marketing evaluation by contacting us here.

U. P. Marketing Department is the region's most sophisticated marketing firm in the Upper Peninsula. We're glad to work with you. Click through this site. You will see why we are the preferred marketing firm in the Upper Peninsula.